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The consultancy service provided by HUGHES-ISHERWOOD REGENERATION CONSULTANTS is led by Eira Hughes and Baron Isherwood - both very experienced regeneration professionals with a track record of delivering many excellent projects.

They are supported by a strong team of Associates with complementary regeneration skills and experience in organisational development, corporate governance, sociology, education, business, marketing and data analysis.

Our Approach to Regeneration

We can offer you a variety of excellent services to secure high quality, sensitive and sustainable development and effective regeneration and conservation of both urban and rural areas.

Regeneration is a balancing act!

Writing strategies, engaging partners, involving local residents, managing programmes and delivering results on time and to budget are crucial elements of the multitude of tasks facing regeneration specialists. It requires judgement, focus, timeliness and flair.

We have worked for and fully understand the needs of Ministers, Whitehall , Government Offices for the English Regions, the English Regional Development and other Agencies, the major Conservation Agencies, and Local Authorities in England and Wales , in relation to urban and rural regeneration and conservation issues.

We know how bids for funding are assessed, what influences the development of policy and programmes, how to engage specialists and the public : what works, and what doesn’t, to ensure quality on the ground.

We are can, most importantly, produce innovative ideas, and deliver excellent, award-winning projects on the ground, for you and your community!


1 . Ideas, Intellect and Innovation

We have a strong track-record of producing many excellent and innovative ideas, and proposals –

  • GONW’s proposal of World Heritage status for Liverpool – now achieved

Liverpool – Maritime Mercantile City (World Heritage Site, 2004)

  • developing thinking in the North West of England on cluster-focused City Growth Strategies (with their need for private sector leadership, business-focussed infrastructure and a collaborative attitude) and Business Improvement Districts
  • championing integrated coastal development and management in the North West
  • setting up Rural and Coastal Fora in the North West - exemplars for all the English Regions
  • developing a Statutory Register of Heritage Landscapes in Wales – a UNESCO World-first
  • the first Countryside Stewardship (Tir Cymen) and Hedgerow Refurbishment schemes in Wales
  • setting up the ‘Greening the Valleys’ scheme - with the WDA, EA and 9 LAs in South Wales

Greening the Valleys – a long-running scheme in South Wales

  • devising the notion of formal ‘seascapes analysis’ for the Countryside Council for Wales
  • early research and progress on developing the LANDMAP landscape planning approach in Wales
  • devising and setting up the ‘Greening the Business Parks’ initiative ( in Halton).

2. Regional Policy and Strategic Spatial Planning

 High-Level, National and Regional Policy Development

We can develop national and regional land-use, regeneration and housing policies, for Whitehall and the Regions and Devolved Areas, as our experience includes –

  • input into national planning and regeneration guidance (PPGs/PPSs/TANs) in England and Wales
  • producing the regeneration section of the Northwest Development Agency’s ‘Regional Economic Strategy’, its ‘Regeneration Prospectus’ and ‘Renaissance by Design’ publications

Regeneration Prospectus – NWDA

  • producing a paper for the Government Office for the North West (GONW) - presented to the Duisberg / Berlin Global Conference on the Urban Future URBAN 21’ - on work done to reconfigure and regenerate, sustainably, the Manchester and Liverpool conurbations, and
  • leading the production of a regional sustainable development framework (‘Action for Sustainability’) for the North West , in partnership with major environmental ‘quangos’.

Regional Planning and Major Casework

We can advise on how best to present major proposals to central government as both are Directors have been the Government’s Regional Directors of Planning in the North West of England. We possess extensive experience and knowledge of regional spatial planning processes; for example – leading GONW’s work on regional planning guidance, including the Public Examination and (substantial) editing of Regional Planning Guidance / North West (RPG 13) for DTLR/ODPM

  • requiring modifications to a wide range of Statutory Development Plans in the North West .

We have also – over many years - advised Ministers on major planning ‘call-in’ cases. This required detailed and analysis of the merits and faults of major schemes, in an manner informed by many years of planning practice, with objectivity and sensitivity, and in the context of national and other planning policies.

The Major Schemes determined included –

  • fast-track applications for substantial new retail development and listed buildings matters for the reconstruction of Manchester City Centre (after bomb damage)
Rapid reconstruction achieved in Manchester City Centre…
  • Liverpool’s major new Paradise Street retailing and Kings Dock proposals
One of the largest construction projects in Europe – Paradise Street , Liverpool City Centre
  • Manchester Airport ’s Second Runway, Liverpool Airport ’s Expansion proposals
  • the Shudehill Transport Interchange in central Manchester

Shudehill Transport Interchange, Manchester

  • the Trafford Centre
  • retail developments in and around Chester
  • the proposed underground laboratory at Sellafield ( a NIREX proposal)
  • the big ‘one-off’ Wallmart supermarket in East Manchester
  • the original and eventual Free Trade Hall redevelopment proposals ( in Manchester )
The permitted proposals for a new hotel within and around the Free Trade Hall, Manchester .
  • motorway service station proposals
  • windfarm and telecommunications tower proposals in Cumbria
  • major road proposals in Lancashire and Cumbria
  • new prison proposals for Salford and Morecambe
  • snow-centre leisure development proposals in Salford and Wigan
  • many major housing scheme proposals, requiring SoS approval, across the region, and
  • expansion into the Green Belt of the Chester Business Park for the MBNA Bank and other developers.
The permitted proposals for Chester Business Park expansion into the Green Belt.

3. International Best Practice

We are committed to studying and matching international best practice, and familiarity with -

  • elegant French solutions to urban remodelling
  • the pragmatic approach seen in the Emscher Park area of Germany
  • the social schemes followed by the Dutch
  • the strong economic focus of the USA
  • the high quality management of World Heritage Sites in Australia
  • best practice in the UK and the great European cities.
INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS OF BEST PRACTICE evident in the UK designed by various designers, architects, and landscape architects - Iconic modern buildings ( URBIS, Manchester); elegant modern monuments in city parks (the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain, London); the re-use and adaptation of large scale industrial heritage buildings ( Albert Dock / Tate Liverpool, Liverpool); and countryside and heritage conservation in the UK – including the World first Register of Landscapes in Special Historic Interest in Wales (which includes - shown here – Bala and Bala Lakesides).

We aim to DELIVER

  1. Exciting, practical and deliverable regeneration schemes - that fit the neighbourhood and which are easy to maintain.
  2. True environmental sustainability alongside real economic effectiveness.
  3. Design quality and beauty, plus landscape character, and biodiversity, in both urban and rural areas
  4. Sound and strategic, high-level, regional and sub-regional policy

1. Exciting, practical and deliverable regeneration schemes - which are easy to maintain.

We believe in pursuing good ideas vigorously, but with realism about what is really achievable. Determined ambition to deliver more than might be expected by many, is our hallmark. We do that by researching and advancing solutions which respect the current marketplace and trends in civilian society. We consider it vital to invest capital in the knowledge that the necessary revenue support is either secured or capable of being secured - from a wide variety of sources.

Schemes delivered by EH for HBC - the new Brindley Arts Centre, Gardens/Amphitheatre and Bridgewater Canalside Improvements ( Runcorn).

2. True environmental sustainability alongside real economic effectiveness.

We respect the need to conserve and enhance biodiversity, and care for the environment generally. We respect the cultural heritage, in all projects. We are also intent on injecting realism about funding availability, project cashflow, and both short-term and long-term affordability.

Reclamation, nature and heritage conservation schemes envisioned and delivered by EH - in North Wales (Aber Menai LNR Brackish and freshwater ponds- on a former derelict rifle range/tip, the Caernarfon Conservation Area Townsheme improvements, and a heritage mural by Maggie Humphry in Bangor) and in Widnes ( shopfronts restoration and streetworks).

3. Design quality and beauty, plus landscape character, in both urban and rural areas.

We adhere always to quality in concepts, materials and finish, and want to ensure that new projects always respect and enhance local landscape character. We believe that visual quality and greenery are every bit as important in urban and semi-urban areas as they are in more rural areas.

Design work triggered by EH on schemes in England and Wales - slate fencing and woodland conservation at Parc Menai in Bangor, detailing in the Witham/Feering HAA Enveloping Scheme in Newport, Victoria Square and Kingsway Roundabout landscape upgrade in Widnes.

4. Sound and strategic, high-level, regional and sub-regional policy.

We believe strongly in working with the grain of higher level ( international, national and regional) policy, drawing an informed distinction between the critical, core, long term policies and the more ephemeral requirements.


CLIMATE CHANGE         Spatial Plans         WALES SPATIAL PLAN

Regional Planning Guidance / Regional Spatial Strategy /Regional Transport Strategy - Regional Economic Strategy – Regional Sustainable Development Frameworks




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